When Driving...

...always go hella fuckin slow when someone tailgates you. I'm driving down a 25mph zone where my house is by. I go 30mph since theres a park and I know for a fact my neighbors are always running around. Love those dumb kids and I don't wanna hit any of them when their frisbee flies into the street.

So the red car with some teens behind me decides to ride my ass. Me, in my innocent burple bug and feeling rather irked and relativcely evil, decides to slow down.

They try to pass me, I speed up.

They're faces were priceless. X3 I hoped they flipped me off because I was laughing maniacally.

Gods, I love driving.



I wont be online for a while. I went to the doctor's the other day and it seems I have been suffering from a large amount of stress. I've been getting the shakes and other weird things happening. I won't be online for a while. =(

Please keep me in your prayers as I try to make a full recovery.

Color of Sorrow fic. [kh2]

Here's a Marluxia x Namine fanfic I wrote out of boredom today. XD I've been so obsessed with this pairing that I fear it's unhealthy. But then again, I'm pretty much psycho so...YAY. 8D

I'm really too lazy to post this on LJ... too much work to do all the italics, bolding, etc. 9___9 Sooo, here's a link:

Rated M for some rapesmex. Ummm, review and stuff? Maybe? Kinda? *hides in paper bag*
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Kisame liketh the love

Like omg last week of summer!

Yea, I freaking hate this. Last week of summer. Lots of stuff happened... 9__9 But I don't think any of you would like to hear the random wildness of a psycho-teenager with a new liscense. Anyways...

Haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd do a "Whats coming" sorta thing. I finally got my computer back from the shop so that means its time to get crack-a-lackin in the writing department.

- Sasori x SL stuff
- SL x Itachi smut
- "Collide" ((hayatexyuugao)) next chapt.
- Akatsuki Bake Sale update
- New Sasori x Deidara AU fic "Artistic Love"

Kingdom Hearts
- Marluxia x Axel hatesexfic
- Axel x Roxas hatefic ((in 1st person...geeyyy))
- Rp stuff with Celebrian
- More hatesexfics... XD

- Alice-X chapt 1 in both manga and writing format
- "Blue Bracelet" Horror story for Speech tournament

Yep, got lots of stuff cut out for me. But I'm really content now that I'm back in the motion of things. Still a little sick, but everythin is kewl. I'm feeling a lot more better. Damn stomach flu is pretty much out of my system. >=D

Time to order my school books! 8D
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"Hard to get"-AkuRoku


My pal twilightremains and I wanted to take a quickie short break from writing a big fic, "Two to be human". Since we are so lazy and wanted to just RP smut, we made this! XD She RPs a yummeh Roxas and I am the pyro Axel. ((and Vexen... lmfao)) >__> She doesn't have an LJ account, so I agreed to post it. W000t. For once I dont care if they are or are not in character. Can't two girls make smutty shounen-ai freely!? Oh yea.... they can. 9__9
Well, YAY! Ummm, STATS! *w*

Title: "Hard -to- Get"
Series: Kingdom Hearts II
Characters: Axel, Roxas, and lyk...VEXEN
Pairing: AxelxRoxas.. nnndurrrrrr
Rating: Ummmm... there's buttsex! =B YAY!
Description: Library + Axel + Horny Roxas= YAY

Collapse )

May is for Flowers *w*

April Showers bring May Flowers!
And along with it, allergies! XD Yeeeppp, I have BAD allergies. Which is just great considering I have Track practice after school and usually the gardeners are out mowing or doing some weird stuff to the plants. Sooo.. me at practice includes a lot of sneezing, sniffing, coughing, and sweating. Did I mention it's gettin up into 90 degreees here? =____=;;;

Well, I am writing since I haven't for a while and it's always good to know that someone is not dead. And is actually quite alive! =D I'm getting my driver's liscence within the next week or so, so I am totally excited for that! <3 Can you say F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!!! X3 On another note, I have a few more AkuRoku fics coming along the way. As well as sketches. Okay, lots of sketches. *w* I've been obsessed...with a capital O. And aside from that, my pal Celeb and I are gonna convert our smut-rps into some fics for ya'll. Sounds quite ravishing, ne? X3

I got a call tonight from my friend Marin and found out that there is a spot open at an exchange student agency for someone to go to Japan. I kid you not, my eyes widened and I could hardly speak. My hopes high in the air, I got more information and was slowly shot down. Seems that I would need to have a paper of recommendation and a LOT of other stuff, plus $1200, all by tomorrow. And aside from that, a passport. Soooooo, that's pretty much a no no. =__=;;; Oh well, maybe I'll go next year! I'll keep my figners crossed.

And I got a dress code violation from my english teacher for not having my undershirt tucked in today. *stabs* =.=' So I might have detention. .....*screams profanities*

The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick

You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times.
Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness!

Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite
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My Koalla is sexier than yours...

My friend got back from Australia. *w* I missed her sooo much. <3 I'm so glad she came home safely... and she brought me a lil stuffed koalla with a lil Aussie hat and brown vest! IT IS TEH SMEX. I think it's the kewlest thing since pizza pie. <3 <3

Aside from that, I pretty much decided on a costume for Fanime. I want to be a Monk from Ragnarok Online!!! I was originally gonna do the cute pink dress Kairi from KH2, but it wouldv'e been a big hassle to do...
So anyways, teh Monk....

A model of loverliness. Yessum? I figured... I can do my Judo-kicks! *w* No skirts for Me! Noooo sirreeee. And if I go on friday, I'll go in my Mikoto (Final Fantasy IX) get up. X3 I love that outfit with a passion... and since my hair shall be blonde-ish and longer, it'll be more mikoto-status. Hopefully people will recognize me since FFIX doesn't get much love... XD

Anyways, peace out mi homies.
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Omg, active?!

Yep, I finally decided to come back to LJ and give it the attention it deserves. I haven't really been on in a looonng time...well, on my normal LJ one. As far as RP communities go, I've been pretty active. =P But anyways, I decided I might as well join some communities and perhaps post some of my one shots for KH2 and various other series. *coughs*Naruto*coughs* But lately I've been obsessed with KH2... more so the AxelxRoxas pairing. X3 mmmmm, yummeh. Expect to see random sketcheroos and ficlets.

Anyways, it's late and I must go write.
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